3 months ago

New record means... NEW GIGS! 🚌

Where do you want to see us play in 2019? 🤔

Booking inquiries:

Photo : JM Regoin @ Tattoo Live Day (❤️ Undertaker)

3 months ago

"Laniakea" turns 2 years old today!

Releasing this beast of a project after three years in the making was a huge pleasure, and being able to play it live around France and even abroad was a ... See more

4 months ago

This chapter is about to end. The next step is right behind.

Pic by DamiPhoto at Les Lunatiques Festival, 2018.09.22

4 months ago
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Hellfest 2017

4 months ago

Les Lunatiques Festival : petit événement deviendra GRAND ! Saluons ensemble le professionnalisme et les sourires omniprésents de l'équipe !

C'est à Pacé que résident nos origines. Nous ... See more