3 months ago

It's been a wonderful year, we almost sold our entire merch! 🎆

We still have a few left on sale if you want to complete your collection, it will help us release our
3rd album! 😉

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4 months ago
Page d'accueil du Phoenix Music Fest


Notre première date de 2019 vient de tomber ! Une dizaine d'autres suivront...

Retour en Creuse après de longs mois d'absence pour la 1ère édition du Phoenix Music Fest ... See more

Page d'accueil du Phoenix Music Fest, nouveau festival Dark Electro, Métal, Gothic Rock, Synthpop en France

4 months ago
MANTRA - "Laniakea" Live Show - teaser

We are glad to unveil the "Laniakea Show"!
This is the results of our labor with the Compagnie Izanami.

Where should we play this show? �

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L'association "Tribal Warming" est fière de présenter sa nouvelle création originale, en collaboration avec la compagnie Izanami. Plus d'informations ci-dess...

4 months ago
Ohanami : teaser

En 2017, nous avions le plaisir de travailler avec Melvin Coppalle et la Compagnie Izanami au Le Jardin Moderne pour un spectacle hors norme !

C'est donc naturellement que nous nous rendrons à ... See more

©Copyright ENGLISH : New performance 2018-2019 Dance solo - 40 minutes Performer : Melvin Coppalle In the midst of the fog, a strange creature appears: inspi...

5 months ago

Tracking guitars at BBR - Brown Bear Recording studio...

The new record will feature both Orange Amplifiers and Engl Amps on rhythm, and a Hughes & Kettner stereo amp for the cleans 😍

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5 months ago

After a week of hard work in the studio, the drums are now complete and recorded! ✅

Gabriel outdid himself and we are amazed by the work mabe by BBR - Brown Bear Recording, massive and natural ... See more

5 months ago
Timeline Photos

Pretty sick day at the #studio today, with no less than 5 amps and 8 cabinets to find just the perfect #tone for our new record.
Can't wait to start tracking bass & guitars tomorrow ... See more

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